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Certificate in Ministry
Diploma in Ministry
Bachelor in Apostolic Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Theology
Bachelor Degree in Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Prophetic Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Christian Counseling
Bachelor Degree in Christian Education
Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship
Bachelor Degree in Ministry (Honours)
Masters in Apostolic Ministry
Master’s Degree in Theology
Master’s Degree in Ministry
Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry
Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling
Master’s Degree in Christian Education
Master’sDegree Christian Entrepreneurship
Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Divinity Degree (Honorary)
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Impact Christian Campus Bible Courses allows Christians with an opportunity for in-depth Bible study. Our Christian Courses are a tremendous resource of rich, practical knowledge and wisdom, based on God's Word, and is an effective aid to spiritual development and is suitable for all believers.

  • Our aim is to help our students deepen their relationship with the Lord and to make them firm and stable in the work of His kingdom. We endeavour to provide an in-depth understanding of the Word of God and not to promote or emphasize the teachings of men.
  • Credits can be given for previous internationally accredited study and/or a minimum period of five years ministry experience in a five-fold office. All previous qualifications will be evaluated promptly and fairly so that students can begin their studies at the appropriate levels.