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Masters Degree in Theology Ministry




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18 Credits


Students wanting to enter the 18-credit Master’s Degree in Theology program must have completed a Bachelor Degree in ministry (Honours).
The Master’s Degree in Theology prepares students for advanced professional competence in a Christian community.
Upon the successful completion of the Master’s Degree in Theology, the students should be able to:

  • develop advanced skills in Biblical Studies, Theology and Christian ministries in preparation for significant senior leadership in the ministry
  • develop a Christian worldview in which attitudes and values are informed by Biblical standards
  • identify best practices for individual and corporate spiritual growth and formation
  • interpret the Bible with respect to its literary, historical, and theological context
  • construct a consistent theology based on Biblical foundations and informed by the development of Christian thought
  • demonstrate an advanced understanding of an issue within a specific theological discipline
  • demonstrate competence in communicating the Word effectively in a variety of settings
  • construct a consistent theology based on Biblical foundations and practical implementation
  • interpret and apply Biblical texts using sound hermeneutical principles
  • communicate God’s truth clearly, accurately, and convincingly
  • explain Biblical and theological truths effectively
  • use research methods and resources in the discipline
  • formulate appropriate research questions