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Masters Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship




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18 Credits


Students wanting to enter the 18-credit Master’s Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship program must have completed a Bachelor Degree in ministry (Honours).
The Master’s Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship prepares students for advanced professional competence in a Christian community.
Upon the successful completion of the Master’s Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship, the students should be able to:

  • demonstrate competence in communicating the Word effectively in a variety of settings
  • articulate a business vision with the related goals and strategic planning to ensure it’s practical success
  • exercise skill in managing conflict
  • identify best practices for individual and corporate spiritual growth and formation
  • explain Biblical and theological truths effectively
  • develop case studies to understand issues relating to real world dilemmas
  • demonstrate mastery of information by being able to define and illustrate the most essential definitions and theories in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing
  • demonstrate mastery of knowledge by being able to evaluate, analyze and synthesize evidence and draw conclusions to resolve concrete business problems
  • understand that marketplace ministry is the passion that starts when God connects their career, business, ministry and life purpose into one package
  • have an understanding that Christian entrepreneurs are already in full-time ministry
  • share their testimony to the masses in the workplace while being a productive member of the organization
  • know that those who operate their own businesses have more liberty to minister the message of the gospel
  • equip, train and support members of the Body of Christ called into the market place
  • release believers in their anointing and calling for the market place
  • raise up men and women of God to have influence, success and a powerful witness in the business world by applying Kingdom principles
  • develop a network of business people
  • understand God’s plan for wealth transfer in the last days
  • use research methods and resources in the discipline
formulate appropriate research questions